Great Image Captured at London’s 2012 ‘Slutwalk’.

by yourmumisanequalityillusion

This is an image taken from Crates and Ribbons’ article on London’s 2012 ‘SlutWalk’ protest.

I found the photograph very raw and emotionally provoking. Although it is very dark, it’s the perfect response to Constable Michael Sanguinetti’s comment that women can avoid rape by not dressing like “sluts”.

I once read a quote, stating, “as long as women have been able to speak, men have spoken for them.”

With this, I say, I’m sorry Constable, but exactly who are you to make the judgment that women are the cause of sexual assault? When have you ever walked around in a mini-skirt or a low-cut singlet? In my opinion, Michael Sanguinetti wouldn’t know whether femme-attributes are a factor or not. Therefore, he should not make broad accusations on female experiences to which he clearly cannot relate.

This image truly expresses  just how often women’s experience is determined by another’s ideology.